Courtney S


 Dr. Wang has been the absolute best. After being  diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Myasthenia Gravis in 2001, I  became frustrated with Western medicine. I wanted to decrease my dosage  of prednisone because at the time I was suffering from terrible side  effects. But each time the prednisone was decreased by my doctor, my  symptoms would get worse. After seeing Dr. Wang I was able to decrease  the prednisone to a very small dosage without experiencing withdrawals.  

I even went to see Dr. Wang after being  involved in a car accident that left me with a fractured vertebra and  bruised sternum. The pain from my injured sternum was so severe that I  was unable to move my shoulders without experiencing a tremendous amount  of pain. It hurt when I laughed, coughed or sneezed. Dr. Wang was able  to create movement in my shoulders and decrease the pain. This was a  great relief because up until that point the pain had been managed by  prescription pain killers that made me drowsy.

I truly believe that Dr. Wang has helped  my body become so strong that two weeks after taking my neck brace off  from the car accident, I was able to start training for the Chicago  Marathon. I have competed in a couple small races and currently my  longest practice run has been 10 miles. Dr. Wang has played an important  role in maintaining my health over the years. I would definitely  recommend him to anyone who is seeking alternative therapies.

Jeanette C.

A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia complicated by severe scoliosis is what first brought me to see Dr. Wang in 1998.& As a 3rd grade teacher I knew I had to find relief before the new school year began because the pain and exhaustion of fibromyalgia was debilitating me and would prohibit me from working. I had been diagnosed by my primary physician and a specialist and treated with pain medications which caused stomach upset. I was never really assured the hope of a cure or long lasting relief of the pain and stiffness.

           About this point in time my husband happened to met Dr. Wang in downtown Chicago. He was impressed with Dr. Wang’s credentials as a physician and researcher, his years of experience in treating patients with acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies, and his sincere and compassionate nature. My husband suggested that I call Dr. Wang and give acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine a try.

           Even though I was sleep deprived and experiencing pain and discomfort I was reluctant to make that first phone call because I was apprehensive about a course of treatment I knew little about. I must admit that it took me two weeks before I made the call to set up an appointment, but I was so miserable that I was willing to try anything! In retrospect that was the best decision and the most important phone call I ever made!My anxiety was soon put to rest when I met with Dr. Wang. His concern for me was genuine. As he explained the course of treatment, my confidence in his ability to treat my condition successfully gave me hope that I could be well again. He explained how acupuncture and Chinese herbs would restore a normal sleep pattern, eliminate the pain and stiffness, and restore balance within my body.

           To my surprise the acupuncture treatments were painless as well as relaxing and the herbal medicines had no side effects. That was eleven years ago and today I am able to manage a full schedule. I still teach full time and have the energy to do strength training 2 days a week and attend yoga classes. Thanks to Dr. Wang I am living pain free. I am even able to work in my garden and do the necessary planting and weeding, as well as maintain our many trees and shrubs. As an added benefit, Dr. Wang has also helped me overcome occasional bouts of the flu, allergies, sinus infections, and maintain a healthy blood pressure…all done with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I shudder to think of how differently I would be living my life if I did not have the benefits of Dr. Wang’s help. I am so grateful to Dr. Wang for restoring my health and maintaining my wellness.